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Smart Soil Separator™

Smart Soil Separator™

$ 9.95

Why the Smart Soil Separator™?

The patented Smart Soil Separator is designed to extend plant life by providing a permanent airspace to the plant’s root system.  The design of the Smart Soil Separator allows it to be used in a variety of containers, indoors or outdoors, where the bottom measurement of the pot falls between 5” to 7” in. diameter.  The Smart Soil Separator is reuseable.

Simply adjust the tabs on the outside of the Smart Soil Separator to fit your pot.  Fill the pot with potting soil and you are ready to plant. A pot with at least one drain hole and a saucer is recommended.

You can add the Smart Soil Separator to an existing planted pot by removing the plant from its container, trimming any circling roots and repotting. To use with a plant that is moving to a new container, the same procedure is followed and new potting mix is added as necessary.

The Smart Soil Separator solves the major problem gardeners experience when growing in containers:  Circling Roots.  According to Oregon State University, “Circling roots (in potted) plants have difficulty getting enough water and nutrients shortening a plant’s life span.”

For years gardeners have added rocks to the bottom of their plant containers to remedy drainage issues and promote root development.  Modern research has proven this doesn't work.  Roots will become entangled in the rocks, blocking drainage and making the plant vulnerable to pathogens.

It is a proven fact that air “prunes” roots that would otherwise circle and shorten the life of the plant.    “Circling roots are ‘burned’ off or pruned when exposed to AIR, causing the plant to constantly produce new and highly branched roots”-Washington State University.  It is this system of finely branched roots that carry nutrients to the plant.

With the Smart Soil Separator, a pocket of air is maintained.  The air-pruned roots are then able to spread laterally, encouraging vigorous plant growth and protecting plants from deadly pathogens.  No more Rocks!

The Smart Soil Separator takes the guess work out of watering by using a sub-irrigation wicking chamber.  Potting mix is placed in the wicking chamber where it comes in contact with the water below and the plant’s roots also pull up the moisture as it is needed, watering plants the way nature intended.

The Smart Soil Separator is a small thing you can use to revive those struggling house plants or ensure success with new ones!

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