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SoilKey Organic Fertilizer 4-2-3

SoilKey Organic Fertilizer 4-2-3

$ 19.95

Why SoilKey?

SoilKey’s organic fertilizer blend increases the biological activity in soil, compost and vermicompost. It enhances the natural biological process by supplying a more complete variety of nutrients and minerals feeding microbes in the soil, allowing the microbes to unlock the nutrients vital to increased plant vitality.


SoilKey has been proven successful in a number of horticultural applications. Growers across the spectrum of horticulture disciplines report a profound increase in plant vitality.

Unique Natural Blends

SoilKey incorporates glacial dust to provide the plant nutrients required to build healthy soil and grow healthy plants. SoilKey is formulated using the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a complex mix of nutrients. SoilKey is an alternative to synthetic fertilizer and pesticides as it contains no synthetic chemicals.

How to use SoilKey

For soil mixes before planting in containers, hanging baskets and planter boxes:
Thoroughly mix 2‐4 tbsp per gallon of soil or growing medium.

For containers such as hanging baskets or planter boxes that have already been planted:
Apply 1‐2 tbsp per 1 gallon soil. Apply once a month. Gently dig in the soil surface for optimal application.

Garden and landscape applications:
Apply 5 lbs per 100 sq. ft., once a month. Gently dig into the soil surface for optimal application.

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