I have a lot of food waste. Can I add food to more than one tray at a time?

Your vermicomposter is an upward migration worm bin. Red wiggler worms always migrate upward to newer food. By always adding food to the top-most feeding tray, you encourage the worms to make their way up from the trays below, searching for the new food. This also allows the food in the lower trays to “finish”. You may want to consider starting with more worms to process the amount of food waste you are generating.

All trays below the top “feeding” tray are “processing” trays. Never add food to any tray but the current feeding (top) tray. Your worms will eat the food in your processing trays until they have exhausted that resource, and then they will move upward to the new food in the feeding tray, leaving nutrient-rich compost behind.