What does the Worm Factory® do for me?

The Worm Factory® does three things for you: it helps you recycle household waste, produce high-quality fertilizer for your garden, and save money.


Recycling is a valuable method for keeping unwanted materials out of landfills. Landfills produce gases during the decomposition process which are harmful to our environment and ozone layer. By recycling, you can help to save the environment and reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

Composting is the most basic form of recycling – taking organic matter, breaking it down into its elemental forms, and returning it to the earth. However, many people do not have space for a backyard compost pile or they want to compost year-round, more efficiently than with a backyard heap. That’s where worm composting with the Worm Factory® comes in.

The Worm Factory® allows you to recycle household waste such as kitchen scraps, shredded paper, coffee grounds, and unwanted junk mail with the help of worms. It is small enough to fit in a closet, on a balcony, or under a kitchen sink, yet efficient and odorless so you can recycle year-round, indoors or out. Plus, the Worm Factory® involves much less work than a traditional backyard heap where you have to turn the material to aerate it.


The compost that your Worm Factory® produces is of a higher quality than that produced in backyard compost heaps. Worm compost is 15% higher in nutrients than soil that has not moved through a worm. It also acts as a soil amendment, increasing water holding capacity and discouraging pathogens and plant disease. Worm compost bought in garden centers is very expensive. Why pay for it when you can make your own all year?

In addition to compost, the Worm Factory® allows you to collect liquid fertilizer and drain it through the spigot at the bottom. This liquid fertilizer is called leachate, and it is the moisture that drains through the system, collecting valuable nutrients as it goes. Dilute it and use it on your houseplants or garden.

A third fertilizer option is to make worm compost tea with the compost from your Worm Factory®. You can “brew” the compost to increase microbes in the solution and then use it as a liquid fertilizer and plant spray.

Saving Money:

Around 33% of the average household’s waste can be composted. Using the Worm Factory® to compost food and paper scraps reduces your curbside waste and recycling volumes, which in turn can reduce your garbage bill.

By using worm compost to fertilize and amend your garden, container garden, raised beds, or houseplants, you can save on buying fertilizer and compost at the store. Adding worm compost to your soil also increases its water holding capacity, so it saves you water over time. The Worm Factory® is an investment which will pay for itself many times over.