What is the difference between the Worm Factory® Standard and the Worm Factory® 360?

The Worm Factory® Standard is the original Worm Factory®, and comes with three, four, or five trays, depending on your order. It also includes a bedding kit and instruction manual.

The Worm Factory® 360 is the new deluxe model and includes four trays. It comes complete with everything that is included with the Worm Factory® Standard (bedding kit, instructions) but also boasts a redesigned base and stand that comes preassembled, a larger lid which fits over the top of the tray, an instructional DVD that shows how to set up and use the composter, a worm ladder to help the worms climb back up from the collection tray, and a three piece accessory kit which includes a thermometer, rake, and scraper.

Here are the specifications for each model:

Standard Worm Factory®:

16″ x 16″ x 21″H (approx.)
Flat lid
Small base w/ 2pc collection tray
Spigot, washer, nuts & knob for lid
3 composting trays
Shredded paper
250g Coconut coir block
Instruction Manual
Expandable to 6 trays

Worm Factory® 360:

18″ x 18″ x 25″H (approx.)
Domed lid
1pc base/collection tray w/ worm ladder, taller legs
4 composting trays
Expandable to 6 trays
Accessory Kit (includes thermometer, scraper, rake)
Shredded paper
Instruction Manual & Instructional DVD
250g Coconut coir block