What types of worms are best for composting?

Not all worms are the same. Worms are separated into 3 classes based on their eating and living requirements and habits. It is important that you select a “composting” worm for your vermicomposter. We recommend using red wiggler worms. Small and reddish-brown, they are perfect for worm composting. Red wiggler worms are usually 1-1/2 to 4” long, live in the top 12” of the soil and only eat decomposing matter. This makes them perfect for a worm composter because their natural habitat can be duplicated in a worm composting bin. In addition, they reproduce quickly and are happy to live in high-population, high-density situations where they are able to handle fluctuating temperature and environmental conditions. They are also voracious eaters, consuming up to half of their body weight in decaying organic matter per day. Red wiggler worms are tolerant of handling by humans and have a very wide range of potential foods.

There are other kinds of composting worms such as European Nightcrawlers , Belgian Nightcrawlers, Carolina Crawlers, and Blue Worms that will work in a worm composter.