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Earthworm & Composting Resource Suggestions


Let It Rot! The Gardener’s Guide to Composting

by Stu Campbell

This is a basic guide to home composting, including a description of how composting works, materials to compost, methods of composting, compost maintenance, how to use compost, and how to get started. Great for any gardener looking to get a productive compost batch going any time of year!

Find it here on Amazon: Let It Rot! The Gardener’s Guide to Composting


The Complete Compost Gardening Guide

by Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Martin

This is a great, in-depth look at composting for the home gardener. One very helpful section details composting tools, such as those for digging, turning, hauling, and cutting and chopping as well as how to care for those tools. Another section delves into what materials can be composted. From yard debris, garden refuse, kitchen waste, and paper and cardboard, this book explains how to compost it all. This book also covers many types of home composting and how to use it and get the most out of it.

Find it here on Amazon: The Complete Compost Gardening Guide


Composting with Worms: Why Waste your Waste?

by George Pilkington

This great little worm composting guide book first explains what is so special about worm composting – how does it compare to regular backyard composting, why is worm compost so beneficial? Pilkington also goes over worm biology, other creatures likely to show up in a worm bin, how to make vermicompost, a review of commercially available worm bins, how to use your worm compost, and further uses and roles of worms. A concise and useful book!

Find it here on Amazon: Composting with Worms: Why Waste your Waste?

Recycle with Earthworms: The Red Wiggler Connection

by Shelley C. Grossman and Toby Weitzel

This short book encompasses quite a bit of information. It’s a quick guide to earthworms – in soil and as composters. Learn about worm anatomy and physiology, reproduction and development, tips on composting with worms, and even worm myths!

Find it here on Amazon: Recycle with Earthworms: The Red Wiggler Connection

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