Worm Factory® 360 Worm Bin

Turn your kitchen and household waste into treasure using the power of worms. This updated patented version of the Worm Factory® allows for composting indoors and outdoors, year-round!


buynow_89Worm Factory® Standard Worm Bin

Recycle your kitchen and household waste and create the highest-quality compost available. This uniquely stackable, efficient worm composting system is fun and easy to use.

Metro-Grower™ Basic

Grow your own organic vegetables anywhere with this patented sub-irrigation growing system.  Upgrades are available.

Metro-Grower™ Elite

Grow your own organic vegetables anywhere with all-natural soil amendments in this patented sub-irrigation growing system.


Metro-Grower™ Plus

Grow your own organic vegetables anywhere with all-natural soil amendments and Extra Added Items in this patented sub-irrigation growing system Plus Version.


buynow_41Metro-Grower™ 10, 15 & 20 Gallon

The Metro-Grower™ provides healthy vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants with the help of a sub-irrigation system.


buynow_9Smart Soil Separator™

The Smart Soil Separator™ is designed to extend plant life by providing a permanent airspace to the plant’s root system. The design allows it to be used in a variety of containers, indoors or outdoors, where the bottom measurement of the pot falls between 5” to 7” diameter.


buynow_14Soil Separator

The Soil Separator allows you to convert any garden pot into a self-watering container.


buynow_9Super Garden Saucer

These high quality multi-purpose plant saucers can be used in a variety of applications indoors and outdoors. Made of high quality material that is flexible and durable.


Siroflex Starter Kit


Take the hassle out of watering with the Siroflex quick release garden hose connectors.



buynow_34Glacial Rock Dust

Glacial Rock Dust contains a broad range of trace minerals, many of which have been slowly lost through the ages on commercial farmland, by erosion, leaching and farming practices.


buynow_14Pumice Rock

Pumice, when used as a soil amendment, provides excellent aeration, good drainage, neutral PH, and is long-lasting.  Pumice can also be used as an alternative to vermiculite in potting mixes.


buynow_79Culti-Cave Mini Greenhouse

A quick, practical solution for extending your growing season for tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, salad greens and more!



The Wormcycler is available through the Create Compost Direct Delivery Program. This simple program allows municipal governments, non-profit organizations, and schools to order discounted Wormcyclers for their residents, communities, and classrooms.


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