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1/2lb Red Wiggler Worms (~500 ct)

1/2lb Red Wiggler Worms (~500 ct)

$ 45.00

100% Eisenia fetida AKA Red Wiggler. These surface dwelling worms occur in decomposing vegetation, compost, and manure as opposed to in the soil and are uniquely suitable for home vermicomposting applications, especially the Worm Factory®

Due to limited supply and increasing costs we are now selling our worms in 1/2 lb or 500 count quantity instead of 1 lb or 1000 count. The only drawback is a slightly longer time for the worms to fully colonize your Worm Factory® while we ensure that our suppliers can provide for everyone who wants to start vermicomposting. 

*To ensure that your package does not get held up at the post office over the weekend, orders ship on Mondays and Tuesdays by US Postal Service Priority Mail. Orders placed after Friday at 12PM PST will ship a week from the following Monday. Free shipping only within the continental US, AK, PR. Price includes shipping of worms.



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