Add the Veggie Tower to your Metro Growers for a fantastic growing experience!

Grow Amazing Tomatoes!

The perfect companion to the UrBin Grower™, the Veggie Tower measures 40 inches tall, is made out of galvanized steel, and is certainly sturdy enough to handle all of your climbing vegetable growing needs while being compact and light enough to store almost anywhere.
The Veggie Tower™ is perfect for growing tomatoes, peas, beans, or any vine plant. The Veggie Tower™ is designed to work perfectly with container plants, or directly in the soil of your garden. Grow taller, healthier plants today!

Easy to Use, Easy to Store

The Veggie Tower folds in forths for easy storage in your garden shed or garage. It nests easily in the UrBin Grower or works great as a stand alone tower in your garden or yard!

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The Veggie Tower

The perfect companion to the UrBin GrowerTM for the climbing vegetable growing enthusiast! Measures 40 inches tall and is collapsible for easy storage.

For a set of 2 towers.

For a set of 2 towers.


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