The Municipal Wormcycler Composter
For Municipal Governments and Non-Profit Organizations

Nature’s Footprint, Inc. is dedicated to promoting composting as a means to help eliminate waste and reduce our impact on the planet. In an effort to encourage communities to join us in our effort, we have made a Wormcycler available to both non-profit organizations and
municipal governments.
The Wormcycler is available through the Create Compost Direct Delivery Program. This simple program allows a municipal government to provide its residents with an alternative option for recycling household waste.

Benefits of the Create Compost Direct Delivery Program include:
There is no cost to the municipality
Reduce waste and waste management costs in your community
Your residents get a quality worm bin for a lower cost
We provide advertising content at no cost to the municipality
No hassle – we deliver the worm bin directly to your resident’s door
Promote a greener community, one household at a time

Reduce Household Waste with Composting
Each year, municipal and county governments spend huge amounts of money on managing their resident’s household waste.

According to the EPA, Americans throw away about 96 billion pounds of food each year. That’s more than a quarter of our food! This volume creates a large and expensive problem for municipalities that have to manage and dispose of this waste, which could be composted instead of thrown away.
Composting is a sustainable, cost-effective way to recycle household waste, therefore reducing municipal waste hauling costs and environmental destruction.
Composting with worms, or vermicomposting, is the practice of taking organic waste and turning it into nutrient-rich fertilizer with the help of worms.

Benefits of Composting with Worms Include:
Reduces amount of waste going to landfills
Faster than a conventional backyard composter
Worm compost is richer in nutrients than the compost from a regular backyard composter
It can be done inside and has no odor
It can be done year-round
There’s no hard work like turning a backyard composter
Fun and interesting for the whole family

Benefits of the Wormcycler Composter
The Wormcycler comes from the same internationally acclaimed manufacturers of the Worm Factory. It boasts many of the same benefits, such as the efficient upward-migrating system with easily manageable trays, but the Wormcycler also offers some additional benefits to non-profits and municipal governments.
On-Site Composting: Many governments hire waste management companies to pick up their resident’s food and paper waste. Large-scale use of the Wormcycler, a composter that citizens can use in their own homes, cuts down on the cost of maintaining a large collection operation.
Expandable: The Wormcycler ships with three trays. If consumers feel they need to increase their recycling ability they can purchase additional individual trays from their municipal government to meet their needs.
Beneficial End Product: In addition to reducing their household waste, residents enjoy the benefits of their compost from the Wormcycler. Worm castings are the most nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and will ameliorate any garden, planter, window box, or houseplant soil.


Measures 16″ x 16″ x 20″
Made from high-quality post-consumer recycled plastic
Weighs 15lb
Operational in temperatures between 45 and 75 degrees

3 Stacking Trays
Collection Tray
250g Coir
Shredded Paper
Instruction Booklet
Ventilation “Quick Tips” Lid
Various assembly screws, nuts and bolts

Municipal Sign Up

Our goal is to create an innovative bridge connecting municipalities to their residents by providing a realistic and efficient solution to reduce waste and encourage recycling. Please contact us if you’re interested in helping your residents reduce and manage their decomposable waste.

Get involved

At Nature’s Footprint, our goal is to help minimize waste and reduce society’s overall impact on the earth. If you share these values, you’ll no doubt want to get involved. If your area doesn’t yet have our Direct Delivery Program in place, please contact us to get our program to your area!

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